5 Lead Generation Ideas Outside of the Box

We are all in the lead generation business more than we are in the real estate business. Without leads you are, quite frankly, out of business. Or soon will be. So we call past clients for referrals, set up expired listing campaigns and chase down FSBOs. Granted these are all excellent sources of business and you should never leave them out. But how about looking ahead to anticipate people moving. The following is a batch of ideas that may stimulate your lead generation activities.

1. Attend moving, garage and estate sales. Not only might you find a good buy or three, but take the time to strike up a conversation with the person running the sale to find out about their real estate needs. Check your local papers and be prepared to be out early on Saturday morning.

2. Marriage announcements in the paper and Bridal Shows. They may not be buying right away but it is part of their dream. Offer a seminar to Bridal Shows on “First Time Home Buyers and Your Taxes”. Focus on the Grooms because the Brides and their Mothers have other things to think about.

3. Birth Announcements. This is how I got my first listing. By sending “Congratulations on the New Addition to Your Family” cards. More feet in the house equals a need for more square footage.

4. Read the business section of the newspaper (either in print or online) and see who is getting promoted. Your local Chamber of Commerce newsletter is also a good source for this information. Send a quick handwritten congrats along with the clip of the article. You will be amazed how thoughtful this easy action is. It makes you memorable to the recipient.

5. Check your public records to see who owns homes in your area but live somewhere else. This can be an excellent double whammy. Market to the out of area owners and market to the renters in the home. Show them how if they can afford to rent a house they could possibly be ready to buy their own.

Well there you go – I am sure this is just the tip of the iceberg but I hope it starts you thinking.

Shannon Aldrich © 2013

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