Looking for a new career?

In these times many people are searching for a new career. Some by choice, others not so much choice. Many people ‘dream’ of working in real estate. They are fascinated by the thought of driving around in fancy cars looking at million dollar houses all day earning big bucks. Real estate is sometimes this and sometimes (more often) not. Real estate is a toes to toes, belly to belly, nose to nose business. Real estate is all about helping everyday people with a very important financial decision.

Real estate is an amazing business to work in. Lots of change, always something new to learn, and no two deals are ever the same. Real estate can be a roller coaster ride if you do not prepare yourself and keep your attitude positive. It can take you to new heights of financial prosperity and it can smash to on the rocks below. It is all in how you build your small business within a business. I just think people should be aware of some of the costs before they jump.

Do yourself a favor and take a peek at start up costs in your area. There will be classes to pay for just to start. Then you have to take and pass both the National and State portions of the exam (another cost, and if you fail, you pay again). National statistics says it takes the average student 2.75 times to pass. There is a ton to learn and memorize plus math concepts to get ahold of.

After you pass the test, now it is time to find the right firm for you. Go out and interview at least three to see what they offer in regards to education and training. Ask how much will it be to join their organization in up front costs. What will the Board fees be for MLS, is there a one time joining fee for the Board. Be prepared for at least of $1,000 of start up costs. You are interviewing them on what they are offering your fledgling new business to get started. You are not interviewing for a job here. You are looking for the right match to support your real estate business.

If you can, plan for 4-6 months of living expenses. Seeing a check in the first 90 days is probably not in the stars. Or find a way to work your way in, with part time or a flexible full time job. Many agents start this way.

Real estate has unlimited possibilities if you work it right. For both your income and lifestyle. For me it is the best career I could have imagined and I enjoy most every day. So with opened eyes, take a look at real estate for your next career.

In New Hampshire, you can get started with www.TheRealEstateClass.com We offer the 40 hour pre-licensing class on a flexible schedule. Next class starts on August 23, 2011 for the Tuesday/Thursday night class and Friday classes from 10am-2pm starting on September 9, 2011

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